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3-5 March 2017 Houston, Minnesota USA

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On Friday evening we send out several buses, each with an expert owl caller aboard, to give you the experience of seeing and/or hearing wild owls. Species that are most often heard are Barred and Eastern Screech-Owls, but Northern Saw-whet Owls, Great Horned Owls and even Long-eared Owls are also possible. Keep in mind that these are wild owls and there are no guarantees. Moon phase, wind, cloud cover, precipitation, and more will likely affect the owls' response.

DRESS WARMLY!!! Long underwear, boots, down jackets, and wool sweaters, hats and mittens are not overkill. Standing still listening for owls, even when it's 40 F outside, will chill almost anyone to the bone. "Quiet" clothes are preferable to clothes that make noise when you move.

PLEASE NOTE: Actively calling owls like this is an agitation to wild owls. The owls perceive the calling as an intruder in their territory, which is why they respond. No two buses stop in the same locations to assure the owls are not overly stressed, and nearly every stop is on or near remote private property (with permission), so these owls are not likely to be bothered again during the course of the year.

If you chose to try actively calling owls on your own, either with playback or with your own voice, DO NOT do it repeatedly in the same owl's territory. Some public lands (like national parks) may also forbid active calling to avoid stressing the birds.

8:00 PM Friday, March 3, 2017, leave from the high school following the live owl program.

There will be buses for families or adults only. SOLD OUT.

NEW! Pre-registration required: $10/non-member, $7/member.



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